EventTsukiji Shishi Matsuri

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    Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri(築地獅子祭)

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    Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri(築地獅子祭)

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    Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri(築地獅子祭)

Tsukiji Shishi Festival (Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri) is the festival of Namiyoke Inari Shrine which is known as a place to pray for protection of disasters, bad luck , business prosperity and the safety of constructions.
In the Edo period, after a big fire burnt away 60–70% of the Japanese capital city of Edo (now Tokyo) , the reclamation project of Tsukiji area was facing hard due to raging waves. One night, people found the sacred body of a deity and started worshipping. After that, waves calmed down and the construction went well smoothly.
The highlight of this festival is a parade of mikoshi and a float with the head of mejishi (a big imaginary female lion) both carried by townspeople. The festival is held around the middle of June every year.

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