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    The path to the summit

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    The path to the summit

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    The Gojū-tō Pagoda, near the base of Mount Haguro

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    Mount Haguro (Haguro-san)

Mount Haguro (Haguro-san) is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa in the ancient province of Dewa (modern-day Yamagata Prefecture), Japan. As the lowest of the three mountains, standing at 414 m (1,358 ft), it is the only one that is accessible throughout the year.

A path of 2,466 stone steps leads to its summit amidst 600-year-old sugi trees, past the famous Gojū-tō five story pagoda and numerous shrines. The steps and the pagoda are listed as National Treasures. The Sanzan-Gosai-den temple at the summit venerates the spirits of all three mountains.

The summit can also be reached by a limited bus service. In addition to religious pilgrims, travellers often stay at the Saikan temple lodgings.

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