SeasonKyu Shiba-Rikyu

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Rambling in Edo atmosphere

This garden is one of the oldest gardens of daimyo(feudal lords) that have survived to the present, along with Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens. It represents a typical example of "kaiyu-style (circuit style) pond-centered garden, featuring excellent rock and land formations. This site used to be under the shallows of Edo Bay, but the land was reclaimed from the sea from 1655 to 1658, and in 1678, it came to be used as the offical Edo residence of Okubo Tadatomo, Roju (top rank of Tokugawa Shogunate).

Hours / Open 9am to 5pm (Entry until 4:30pm)
Closed / Year-end holidays (December 29 to January 1)

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