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Mt.Asama is ranked within the top 100 famous mountains in Japan and lays claim to being the only one officially closed to visitors because of its volcanic activity. It has erupted violently several times over history and since 1957 has been deemed to be too unstable for the general public to climb (the original 4km approach limit relaxed to 3km in 1997). Asama is a fairly leisurely hike, it's all walking and no climbing. The distance from the trail head to the top is approximately 2.4km and so will take up 75-90 minutes to climb and a bit less coming back down. There are actually a number of hiking trails up to the top of the mountain coming from many different directions, however the one from Asama Station is by far the easiest to access and is also the shortest path as well, making it one of the most pleasant light hikes in Mie.

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